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What's NO.AH?

A new experience

In a world where happiness often seems to depend on the amount of alcohol flowing through our veins, there is an alternative that invites us to experience a new kind of joy. An experience that celebrates conviviality, joy, and the sheer pleasure of living: the aperitif with non-alcoholic cocktails. This new trend proves to be a true triumph for the senses, a discovery that allows us to have fun without having to compromise our health or the pleasures of company.

NO.AH is the cool alternative for those who want to drink no-alcohol!

A true non-alcoholic distillate infused with high-quality Italian and overseas botanicals: lavender, tonka bean, ginger, bergamot, orange, and chili. The production process is specifically designed to create an intense yet balanced flavor.

The mission of NO.AH?

To change the perspective

That's right, we want to change the perspective, make something cool that hasn't been cool so far:


Our mission is not dictated by the arrogance of telling people what to do: not to drink, or to drink little, or to be careful about what they drink; This should already be the concern of public service announcements, apparently with little success...

And certainly, we don't want to impose it; what we want is to provide a trendy alternative for those who choose not to drink or cannot do so.



Perché NO.AH(lcol)?

Benefici e risultati

Whose is NO.AH?

For you, for me, for anyone

For you, who works and wants to enjoy a good drink without losing concentration...

For you, who drives and wants to be able to drink without becoming a danger to yourself and others...

For you, who are expecting and want to be able to say yes to a drink with friends...

For you, for us, for anyone who wants a non-alcoholic drink without sacrificing taste...

In reality, we have understood that those who want to drink, even when they shouldn't or couldn't, will do so anyway. We cannot presume to be the solution to a problem.

What we want is to be a quality alternative.

So yes, NOAH is a quality alternative for those who want to take advantage of it!

What do you find in NO.AH?

The desire to drink in good company...

We are a group of 6 Italian guys, and stereotypes aside, everyone enjoys having a good drink together.

Among us, there are sommeliers, oenologists, and bartenders. People who work with alcohol, know it well.

For this very reason, perhaps, we recognize better than others what the difference is between enjoying a good glass of wine or a fine spirit, and drowning in alcoholic concoctions that are "poisonous".

For this reason, we want to create a quality alternative that allows us to bring about a change in perspective and make non-alcoholic drinking cool.

Per fare ciò siamo consapevoli che una sola tipologia di prodotto non basta!
Abbiamo infatti pronte altre ricette e composizioni per poter abbracciare il mercato no-alcol da diverse angolazioni!

Do you believe in NO.AH?

Support our mission.

As we mentioned, our mission is to create a new trend in Italy, so that those who don't want to drink alcohol can do so without the idea of missing out or feeling inferior to anyone.

Of course, to achieve our goal, we need a change of mindset from everyone. Whether you choose to contribute to this project or just be a supporter, we believe that letting as many people as possible know that there is also a quality alternative is truly important!

Share No.ah and help us change the perspective!


Contact us

If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to have a chat, we're here for you! Don't be shy, we like receiving messages, unless they're spam or requests to send money to a Nigerian prince ;)

Puoi contattarci tramite il modulo che trovi qui a fianco, inviarci un’e-mail a, o se ti senti avventuroso puoi sempre fare una telefonata. Promettiamo di rispondere entro il prossimo millennio! ;)

If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to have a chat, we're here for you! Don't be shy, we like receiving messages, unless they're spam or requests to send money to a Nigerian prince ;)

You can contact us through the form below, send us an email at, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can always give us a call. We promise to respond within the next millennium! ;)

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